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Current figures indicate almost 1 Million young people are not building a secure future for themselves.  A hard hitting report, ‘Towards a NEET Solution’, sets out the economic cost to the nation.  The UK ranks 5th from bottom in a league table of 28 western countries for the proportion of 15–19 year olds not in employment, education or training.  The direct human cost to these young people is significant.  They face a ‘revolving door’ of unemployment or low paid jobs and run a greater risk of becoming involved in crime and antisocial behaviour.  The Local Government Association has recently published a report ‘Hidden Talents: re-engaging young people’.  This highlights the rapid increase of young people in this category, illustrating that this group are more vulnerable to the effects of the recession than any other.

Furthermore, a recent study published by the Princes Trust: ‘You Gov’ Youth Index is the first study of its kind which investigated how young people [aged 16–25yrs] feel about the state of their lives today and how confident they are about their future.  The disturbing result of this study indicated that emotional wellbeing of young people not in education, employment or training was significantly affected.  The youth who responded to this study reported feeling that their lives had no purpose, were meaningless or not worth living, suffered depression and poor physical health, [approx 65% of the survey]


The Trust believes it can make a difference:

Not only for NEET youth and other young adults,  Although there are a number of ‘Tall Ship’ and ‘Sailing Organisations’ within the UK, the Trust aims to be an effective provider of support. Instead of the usual ‘tall ship sailing experience’ from which youngsters return to their ‘normal’ life at the end of the trip, we aim to offer a ‘joined up’ service that can make a difference. Enabling young people to find direction and gain greater awareness of their own skills and abilities and be better prepared to enter work, training or education, providing them with a sense of purpose and a belief in themselves.