What is a Day Sail?

A day sail is a taster experience for those that would like to sail on a Tall Ship. You will come aboard the Tall Ship as our passenger, to spend a day “before the mast” sailing on the Merseyand into Liverpool Bay.
During the Day you can get involved in as much as you want to; Pulling Lines, setting sail, steering the ship under the supervision of our experienced Permanent and Volunteer Crew. Or you can sit back and enjoy the restful experience of sailing a Tall Ship.

The ship offers day sails for the all the family.  (12-16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult).

The ship offers a wonderful opportunity to view Liverpool from the river under sail aboard England’s latest tall ship.

Day sails include bacon butty to start your day and a hearty lunch, refreshments throughout the day and the opportunity to explore the ship. You may also chat with the experienced crew or get involved in sailing the ship and learn some seamanship skills along the way.



What happens during a day Sail

The day will start at 0900, whereupon you will be met on the Gangway by the Ship’s Chief Officer who will check you embarkation details. One of the Crew will then show you to the Saloon to leave any bags, coats etc.

The Captain will then give you a welcome briefing set out his plans for the day and you will undertake some safety training. At approximately 1000hrs the ship will leave the liner berth heading out into the River Mersey andLiverpoolBay.

For those interested lectures on setting Sail will be given throughout the day and you will also be given the chance to assist with setting these sails.

There might even be an opportunity to climb “up and over” the Rig to the first platform on the ship during an assisted climb. (This is subject to Captain’s discretion and is weather permitting)

When should we arrive? When will we depart?

Please arrive between 0900 and 0930. You must be onboard by 0930 at which time The Captain will hold his start of day briefing before your initial safety training. The ship will leave the liner berth at 1000hrs prompt.

A Typical Day Sail Itinerary

MAST Charity Day SailYour day on ship starts when you receive your boarding pass in the post.  You should receive this before the day of your sailing experience.  Please ensure you join the promptly to registration at the start of the day.  The ship sails promptly and there is no boarding the ship once the gangway has been taken away.

An example itinerary for your day maybe as follows:

  • 0915 Passengers arrive – to be met on the gangway by a ship’s representative
  • 0930 All attend the Captain’s Welcome – here the Captain introduces ship’s Permanent and Volunteer Crew and welcomes the passengers onboard
  • 0945 Briefing by 1st Mate on safety and donning lifejackets, followed by practise emergency muster
  • 1000 Prepare to leave the slip (Liner berth)
  • 1130 Passengers invited to an explanation on sail setting, tacking and wearing ship
  • 1145 Start tacking, wearing ship and setting sail
  • 1230 Buffet lunch for passengers – there may be two sittings
  • 1500 Invitation to passengers (weather permitting)  to go for a supervised, fully assisted climb to main tops (platform). You will be given a full briefing by our Bosun or Bosun’s Mate and crew will be positioned in the rigging to assist you
  • 1530 Afternoon Tea
  • 1645 Coming alongside
  • 1700 Captain’s Wash Up and Passenger departure