Letter From Phoebe

Its always an honour to receive a letter form one of the lovely people who join us on our voyages and adventures.  Here is a letter I recieved renently from Phoebe. Thankyou Phoebe, it means everything to me to hear that MAST has had such a positive influence.

Jim Graves.

Dear Mr Graves ,

I am writing to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me earlier this summer to sail on Provident with 11 other cadets from Holyhead to Mallaig . It was an experience that I am never going to forget and an experience that i wouldn’t have been able to have without the help of MAST and the funding you granted us.

I especially enjoyed seeing the remote islands of Mull and Jura and the wildlife that surrounded us. Seeing the splashes of whales and dolphins playing under our bow was the highlight of the trip. I also enjoyed visiting new places such as Tobermory and anchoring South of Belfast. It was a week that i didn’t want to end and coming back to Liverpool made me realise that i wanted to sail on a Tall Ship again.

Little did i know that two weeks later i would be meeting other youths at the Pier Head at 6:30 on the 25th August and making our way to Dublin to take part in The Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta and sailing on De Gallant. Not only that but coming 2nd in the Regatta in our class .

It was great going to Ireland because i had never been before and it was somewhere that i always wanted to visit. Being on the ship with new people really helped me to develop confidence and social skills as communication was key to success on the boat. The voyage was completely different to the last one as we were racing with other boats which meant we constantly were tacking and jibbing which was hard work . Also the weather was really bad and we had storms and strong winds which made it even harder especially when you were tired.

Despite this it was really special seeing the skyline of Liverpool in the view and family watching us come in and berthing in the Albert Dock, which i know so well. I never thought in 2008 when the tall ships came into Liverpool that in 4 years I would not only be seeing them but sailing on one of them !

Thank you again everyone at MAST for giving me this opportunity and an experience that will stay with me forever . It has been the best Summer of my life and i hope that i will be able to sail again sometime on another tall ship .

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